There are many different types of foods that can cause obesity. This much is obvious. In fact, for the longest time, food authorities and dietary experts, both institutional and self-proclaimed, have made a villain out of fat.

We’ve been told for a total of several decades that if you eat a lot of animal fat and greasy food, that you are going to get fat. This has been drilled into our heads. In fact, it is reflected in all sorts of government programs, from school lunch programs throughout the United States to dietary guidelines, as well as USDA recommended daily allowanced.

Fat has always been portrayed as the bogeyman or the villain of the standard American diet. It shocked a lot of people when they found out, through recent research, the reason why Americans and many other people throughout the world are getting bigger and bigger isn’t due to a high-fat intake.

In fact, if you eat mostly fat, and you avoid certain types of food, you can actually be a lot healthier. Fancy that. This shocked a lot of people. In fact, it made a lot of headlines, because for the longest time, people were staying away from eggs, cutting down on meat, turning their back on anything fatty, even coconut oil got demonized.

Well, according to current research and the US National Institute of Health, as well as the Center for Disease Control now agree that it’s not cholesterol that’s the problem. It’s not necessarily fat that is the problem. Even saturated fat has a lot more breathing space now.

The real problem? Carbohydrates, in particular, highly processed, nutrition-free carbohydrates. I’m talking about a substance no other than sugar. That’s right, that stuff that you keep putting into your coffee, and keep enjoying through your favorite candy bars, is the stuff that’s actually making you sick.

Whether we’re talking about adding on a few unwanted pounds, or morbid obesity leading to diabetes and certain types of cancer as well as high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases, sugar has been revealed beyond a shadow of a doubt to be the main culprit. If you are looking to avoid getting fat, or you’re looking to lose weight, avoid the following types of foods.


There’s absolutely no compelling reason why you should continue to drink sugary drinks like soda pop; absolutely no reason. You can skip out on the soft drinks and replace them with plain water or unsweetened tea. You can even use black coffee as a substitute.

If you insist on indulging your sweet tooth, do yourself a massive favor and switch to sugar-free or calorie-free soda formulations. Of course, these sugar-free soda products are no exactly without risks either. They contain certain compounds that may seriously compromise your health if you have certain health conditions.

But by and large, calorie-free sugar drinks should be able to handle your sugar cravings instead of real sugar. By real sugar, we’re not just talking about pure crystalline cane-derived sugar. You should also skip out on any product that has a high amount of high-fructose corn syrup.

Starchy foods

If you love pasta, rice, mashed potatoes, or white bread, listen up. You may think that these food items have fewer calories compared to a slab of meat, or a ton of eggs, or several servings of oil. You would be absolutely correct. The problem is when you eat high glycemic index starchy foods, they mess up your metabolism.

Sure, you may be eating only a few calories every time you sit down and eat potatoes, but since you’re spiking and crashing your insulin levels throughout the day, you’re basically eating throughout the day. Because whenever your body experiences low insulin, it needs sugar.

Your body starts sending these desperate signals to your brain to eat something sweet. Not surprisingly, people who do not pay close attention to their carbohydrate intake, and the type of carbs they eat, suffer from these insulin peaks and crashes throughout the day. They’re basically eating throughout the day, and that’s why they get bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

It has nothing to do with the amount of calories per meal. Instead, it has everything to do with the fact that you’re pretty much eating throughout the day.

Sugary snacks

Anything that has a lot of sugar, you should avoid. This is especially true for snacks. There are many different snack options out there. You can eat dried nuts, you can’t eat oily nuts, salty snacks. As long as it has a low level of sugar, or absolutely no sugar, you should be fine.

The key here is to keep your carbs to a bare minimum. I’m not saying that you should completely cut it out, but if you’re serious about overriding obesity, you need to pay close attention to how much carbs you eat. Carbs cause inflammation, it also causes severe trauma as far as your metabolism is concerned.

You have to understand that if you have a sweet tooth, and you’re constantly craving for sweets throughout the day, this causes trouble when it comes to your insulin. Whenever your body suffers an insulin crash, you have to eat, and oftentimes, you feel that you have to eat a lot of carbs, and this starts the process again.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself pretty much eating sweet snacks throughout the day. Don’t trick yourself into thinking that just because each snack has a fairly low amount of calories, that this means that you’re not going to pack on weight.

Please remember that when you flood your bloodstream with sugar, what do you think your body does? That’s right, it doesn’t flush all of that out. Instead, your body stores a certain percentage of your blood sugar in the form of fat.

You guessed it, that’s how your body stores energy. So if you want to lose weight, cut out the sugar. Switch to whole foods. Switch to more protein and increase the clean fat that your eat everyday.