There are certain foods that can cause bad breath, and a lot of them are foods that you wouldn’t think cause bad breath. Usually, when people think of foods that cause bad breath, they think about garlic. It’s easy to see why. It doesn’t have to be that way, especially if you’re brushing your teeth with a well-designed toothbrush after eating.

Garlic does pack quite a bit of a punch as far as smell goes. In fact, if you know somebody who likes to eat a lot of garlic, you can pretty much smell them a mile away. Some cuisines are very heavy on garlic; some Italian recipes, as well as Middle-Eastern recipes tend to go heavy on the garlic.

You can tell when people have been eating these types of foods. Of course, it all depends on the cook. If you’re dealing with somebody who is a professional chef and knows how to blend herbs and spices really well, it doesn’t have to be a stinky affair.

Still, when people think about foods that cause bad breath, they think that they can begin and end their search with garlic and the cast of usual suspects like onions. It’s not what you think. Here’s a short list of unlikely foods that actually cause quite a bit of a stink as far as your breath is concerned.


Have you ever had an asparagus spear for lunch? You didn’t think much of it, but by the time you went to the bathroom, you are quickly reminded of what you had for lunch. Asparagus has certain chemicals that doesn’t translate well as far as the human metabolic system goes.

It actually increases in smell as it goes through your system, and this applies pretty much for all your bodily liquids. It’s very easy to get turned off by asparagus smell in our urine, but it actually goes further than that.

You can smell it in people’s breath if they have been eating asparagus. Do yourself a big favor; If you’re a big fan of asparagus spears, steamed asparagus, or any of a wide range of yummy dishes containing this amazing vegetable, pack some breath mints. A little breath mint here and there can definitely go a long way.


Onions are very tricky when it comes to bad breath. Usually, a lot of an onion’s nasty smell quickly goes away the moment saute an onion. Onions, in their raw form, pack quite a bit of a smell and the stink can definitely linger.

If you’ve ever been around people who like to eat sandwiches, and they order onions with their sandwiches you can smell them from a comfortable distance away. With that said, onions are actually pretty good for you, and its smell can easily be defeated by preparing the onion, or mixing it in a saute.

The smell goes away very quickly. In fact, with the right herb mixture, onions can smell really good. If you are a big onion fan, do yourself a big favor and avoid fresh onions. That should be your number-one rule, just avoid fresh onions and stick to sautéed onions.

You don’t have to worry about brushing your teeth right before you kiss somebody, or you talk to a group of people. You don’t have to be self-conscious.


This throws a lot of people off. Most people don’t see this coming. A lot of people are under the impression that sugar tastes great, and sugar doesn’t really have much of a smell. While you are enjoying your chocolate bars, your sweet candy, and other sugar-rich snacks, please understand that sugar can cause quite a bit of a stink.

In fact, a lot of the smell that the human body produces can actually be traced to sugar in one form or another. The reason for this, of course, is the fact that when you eat sugar-rich foods, and you fail to brush your teeth, the sugar starts to break down.

Just as grapes or any other sweet fruit can break down and turn into alcohol, bacteria help breakdown sugar on the surface of your mouth, or the surface of your tongue. This all leads to bad breath. People who have constant or chronic halitosis aren’t sick, in the classic sense of the word.

Instead, a lot of them just have bad diets that are heavy on sugar. A lot of them have bad oral hygiene. So a little bit of oral hygiene as well as cutting back on sugar can definitely go a long way as far as the quality of your breath is concerned.

Make no mistake, if you are looking for an easy group of food to avoid so you can enjoy some fresh, nice, pleasant-smelling breath, just skip out on the three types of foods above. Also, please understand that there are certain herbs that don’t mix well.

Keep in mind that if you mix certain herbs and spices, they may taste really good, but the smell can linger. You may be thinking that this is just an aromatic type of smell, and those people can appreciate the natural smell. Well, you can’t really assume that much.

Curry and other spices

This next section is sure to be controversial. Just as garlic is a prized herb in many parts of the world, there are many parts of the world that put a big premium on aromatic spices and herbs. The problem is when people from parts of the world with a lot more, let’s say, tame tastes, the scent of these spices and herbs might be a bit too much.

Take the case of curry. If you are a big fan of Indian food, you might even think that curry is a bit tame. Getting turned off by curry would seem weird to you. It’s like getting turned off by the smell of black peppers. It all depends on what you’re used to.

Some people are really turned off by any kind of smell. Some people have a negative association with certain seemingly herbal or all-natural scents. If in doubt, just leave that stuff out.