A lot of men are under the impression that hair loss is essentially a genetic lottery. Either you’re born with the right genes, or you’re not. Tough luck if you have uncles or any other male relatives on your mother’s side experiencing signs of premature baldness.

You know you’re in for a rough ride when you look at your mom’s family album and notice that all the men on her side of the family look like walking cue balls. It’s easy to lose hope and think that this is just all genetic. Either you win the genetic lottery, or you don’t. That’s fatalism for you.

The truth is just because you are born with a certain genetic predisposition, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have absolutely no say in the matter. Believe it or not, your lifestyle choices as well as your diet and your overall stress levels do play a big role.

Never underestimate the impact your personal environment and individual choices play in how your body fights hair loss. You can put up quite a good fight. Let’s put it this way: Just because you are born into a family that is genetically predisposed, it seems, to alcoholism doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot resist a glass of wine or a shot of whiskey.

It all boils down to your choices. In fact, there are a lot of people who know full well that alcoholism runs through their family. This is why they have made a vow to themselves, and to their loved ones that they are not going to touch even an ounce of alcohol.

That’s right, no beer, no whiskey, no rum, they’re not going to touch anything with alcohol. And they do quite well. The same applies to hair loss. Just because you’re thinking that hair loss and baldness runs through your family blood line, that you have no say in the matter.

Well, you have a lot of say. First of all, you can use a good hair shampoo. Please understand that oftentimes, the condition of the skin on your scalp plays a big role in whether the hair loss internal mechanisms are triggered.

Don’t let it happen, don’t take hair loss sitting down. You can do a lot about it. You can invest in a good hair shampoo. Of course, the problem is how do you know which formulation would work for you? You would have to experiment. You would have to try different brands. You would have to ask around, but eventually, you may be able to find the product that would be easy on your hair.

Keep in mind that you can’t just leave this issue at the simple question of: Can a good hair shampoo stop hair loss? You should also pay attention to the rest of your lifestyle. How stressed are you in a typical day? Did you get a lot of sleep? What kind of foods do you eat? Do you smoke? Do you do drugs?

There’s just so many other factors, so you have to understand that picking out the right hair shampoo for hair loss is an important part of the equation, but it’s not the only piece. You also have to pay attention to the other parts of the puzzle.

This includes lifestyle choices, getting enough sleep. Believe it or not, this also includes drinking enough glasses of water. A lot of people laugh at that. They think, “What does water have to do with your hair health?”

Well, it turns out it has a lot to do with your hair health, because your hair follicles as well as your hairs are made up mostly of water, or they need a lot of fluids to grow properly, and to remain in good health. After all, the human body is more than 80% water.

So do yourself a big favor and make sure you are properly hydrated throughout the day as well as right before you go to sleep. Don’t let any detail slip past you. The more you pay attention to every single facet of your health, the higher the chance you would be able to beat premature hair loss or hair loss completely.

Just because your grandfather, your father, all your uncles on your mother’s side are bald, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to follow in their footsteps. You can put up a valiant fight, and a big part of this is the lifestyle you choose for yourself.

The rule of thumb is the healthier and more natural your lifestyle, the lower the chance your genetic predisposition will kick in. It’s always going to be a factor. Don’t get me wrong, that genetic predisposition is not going to go away, but you can head it off. There are many things you can do. You don’t necessarily have to take it all lying down.

Picking out the right “hair-fall resistance” shampoo

There are many brands of shampoos currently in the market that claim to protect you from ‘hair-fall.’ Some even go so far as to claim that they will prevent you from going bald. Yes, that’s right-there is such a thing as ‘baldness prevention’ shampoos.

Can you trust these? Are these topical snake oil?

This is where a little experimentation can come in handy. There are lots of products who claim they have hair-fall prevention properties. This is a tricky claim. You see, in the span of a day, you are actually losing hair. It’s not unusual for guys to lose a few dozen hairs daily. Please remember that your scalp has fast replicating hair follicle cells. That’s how your body is programmed. You’re supposed to crank out hair, push them out, and replace them.

To test hair-fall shampoos, try to get a clear understanding of how much hair you normally lose every single day. Try to calculate an average. Of course, this is always going to be inexact because you might not lose your hair while you’re sleeping. The loose hairs you see on your pillow or even your shower drain might just be a fraction of what you lose daily.

Still, get a good average estimate and try these shampoos. The shampoo that can cut down your hair-fall average should be the one you stick to.